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Toxin-free skincare, loving to body, mind + earth. To be applied with reverence and mindfulness, creating an indulgent ritual of self-love and respect for your body; changing the course of your day from the first to the last moments.


An Organised Life

Axel and Ash


Betty Jean


Brad Turner

By Charlotte

Church Farm General

Church Farm General Store was co-founded back in 2013 by Andrew Morris and Amanda Callan (that’s us, hello!). We live in an old timber church in Billinudgel with our four boys Banjo, Percy, Reggie & Herb.
When we first bought the church, there wasn’t any trees or plants on the property, so we planted loads of native trees, built a bunch of garden beds and started to grow food for our family. It wasn’t long until we had excess chillies, tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs and flowers that we wanted to make good use of. With the excess produce, Andrew would roast vegetables over coals with lemon myrtle leaves (this is how some of our sauces were born) and Amanda would infuse the medicinal herbs into oil to make soap with (this is how our soaps were born). We thought it would be fun to build a little roadside stall to sell some of our produce and products to people driving by. People kept asking for more, so the roadside stall blossomed into the idea of an online general store.
Fast track a few years and we now have a stall at the local farmers markets, make everything in our soap factory and commercial kitchen (instead of the little shed out the front of our house), and are stocked in a bunch of great stores around the country. While this little family business has grown, our products are made the same lovingly, small-batch way. We don’t compromise on ingredients and we don’t outsource any of our production, we have a team of good humans putting good vibes into everything we make instead.
We are super passionate about growing food, making products from scratch and by hand (without any fake stuff) and most importantly supporting our local farmers.
Clare Bernadette

Clare Bernadette

Clare Bernadette is a brand born out of a dream to inspire connection through small acts of kindness. Clare believes that such acts have the power to change the world - she is all about weaving a little more beauty and joy into the everyday.

The designs are a fusion of minimalism and elegance, brought to life through the timeless craftsmanship of letterpress. It is printing, the old-fashioned way. 

Passionate about quality, ethics and originality, Clare believes in keeping things local and treading lightly upon the earth. Every product is handmade by artisans in Australia - with patience, care and a lot of love.

Elise Cook Prints

Elise Cook Prints



Grounded Minds

Grounded Minds

I started one-line drawing and writing affirmations during 2020 as a form of expression. I felt a strong need to be creative. I didn't imagine these would become affirmation cards, but once I took them from my sketchbook to digital art, there was a natural progression and the cards were born. I have always been an advocate for daily affirmations and actually wake up every morning and read one myself, setting my intentions for the day and carrying the message with me.

I hope to inspire you to build a happy ritual into your day, with these cards becoming the perfect prompt.

♥️ Alanna

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We create cherished children’s wear that doesn’t cost our planet or the beautiful people who craft our clothing. We are produced slowly and kindly, with a focus on mindfully designed pieces made to the highest of quality, to last you many years and generations to come.

Indi Tribe


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