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Ottway - The Rarebird jacket


Unusual, uncommon, and exceptional…

This jacket pays tribute to the rarest of the rare...

Vegan leather, made out of non-animal suede
Handmade embroidery patterns
Oversized Jacket
2 hip pockets
1 zipped inside pocket
The fabric has a raised finish inside to give extra softness when its worn

Unisex design

This jacket pays tribute to the rarest of the rare. With its back shaped and adorned like a bird, this jacket draws similarities with one of the World’s rarest species, the Night Parrot. Living in the remote Australian desert, these Rarebirds has been secretly carrying out their lives unbeknownst to man for over a century. What was considered extinct has now been found. As with all good stories, this one started with adventure and searching for that something which is special… so go out and get looking, you never know what you might discover!